What is the Best Type of Organic Fertiliser

Big Question Answered Simply - It's all about the food Groups  

We all know the importance of a balanced diet for ourselves. But your plants crave variety just as much as we do? They're not simply sunbathers – they're sophisticated gourmands requiring a rich smorgasbord of nutrients from the soil.

These are an essential part of all living organisms, they create structural components of tissue enzymes and antibodies. They are composed of one or more long chains of amino acids.

The reason plants need fat is very similar to why we humans need it. It is a denser store of energy. A specific weight of fat will contain more energy than the same weight of carbohydrates. Fats are present as lipids in plants.

Like all living organisms, plants and microbes require energy in its simplest form so they can grow and carry out basic life functions. Plants produce, store and burn carbohydrates in the form of sugar to provide themselves with energy.

Like all living things, plants need minerals and nutrients to thrive. These elements are needed for growth, metabolic functioning and the completion of its life cycle.

These are your trace elements required to build strength and immunity and resilience.

These are the bones to cellular structure that everyone needs to create the bones of your body, the stronger the better .

Repairs tissues, regulates systems, and provides essential vitamins and minerals, required to thrive.

Understanding soil biology and building the connection between soil and plant can be a bit like finding the right key to open the door.

Carbon is the home and the power supply for all microbes which in fact are the guys that make your plants grow.
Plants put carbon into the soil via their root system. By growing healthy plants fed with a diverse range of biostimulants will allow you to build soil carbon, resulting in the regeneration of your soil – nature then does the rest.

Microbes are such an important part of this process and it is essential that they are looked after.

Just like humans and all animals gut microbiome – microbes need all the food groups just as much as we do to be healthy and to function properly.
Soil Dynamics certified biostimulants provide this diverse range of carbon-based food groups
After all "You are what you eat" and so is your soil  …

So the answer is Simple here at Soil Dynamics Anthony Quinlan (B.Sc) has designed and entire range for your home garden to address every food group required with our 6 products 

 “It is all intertwined soil, plant & human health, you cannot have one without the other .

Wellness from the ground Up 

we would love for you to join our movement in creating a more dynamic environment for you and your loved ones 

With gratitude the team at Soil Dynamics


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