Soil dynamics offers a range of consulting services from organic farming, horticulture and soil health programmes to custom fertiliser and compost blends from qualified experts in the field. Our main focus is on providing growers with the knowledge to maximise their yields and profits in sustainable ways that maintain your soil health now and into the future. For any questions relating to our range of services please contact us at, leave a message on the contact page, or call 0429 107 946.

Organic Agronomy

Why you should consider organic agriculture

Organic Certification Consulting

The benefits of certification

Soil & Plant Testing

Diagnose your soil, improve your production

Soil Health Programmes

Rejuvenate your soil, improve your farms sustainability

Land Capability Surveys

Surveys to determine if your land is a suitable production site

Geo-technical surveys

Geo-technical services and reports within the Margaret River region

Custom Compost & Fertiliser Blends

Feed and amend your soil, improve your yield.