Wellness from the ground up…now that’s dynamic

Our mission is simple, yet unwavering - promote soil, plant and ultimately human health so future generations, and the planet can thrive.

Leading the Soil Dynamics team is organic agronomist Anthony Quinlan B.Sc with a major in geomorphology (the study of rocks and minerals) and his wife Tini. Together, we have made it our life’s work to help people live healthier, more sustainable lives through the inputs of NASAA approved, premium organic fertilisers.

Growing plants shouldn’t be hard or expensive but mention the word organic and all people see is a hefty price tag. Soil Dynamics proves that good soil, plant and human health doesn’t have to be complicated or come at a cost. Our premium range of home gardener and commercial farming fertilisers are accessible and easy to use for everyone.

The Need For Soil Dynamics

As one of Australia’s top organic agronomy educators, Anthony has been working with growers for over 25 years through Soil Dynamics’ sustainable soil consultancy firm. With a range of science-backed services that are anchored in regenerative farming practices, Anthony has helped countless farmers improve and rejuvenate their soil through sophisticated testing and custom fertiliser blends, which in turn has resulted in better yields and profits.

Helping the agricultural sector succeed has been a driving force for Anthony and Tini who are themselves, based in regional Western Australia. However, there are other factors that have led Soil Dynamics to where the brand is today.


The Importance Of Saving Our Soil

There is no doubt that advances in the production of mass agriculture have had an impact on topsoil depletion and groundwater contamination. Over many years this has resulted in soil that is devoid of the crucial nutritional elements that are vital to sustain life as we know it.

The reduction of organic matter and trace elements from the soil is largely due to incorrect fertilisation methods and the overuse of chemicals. This system has stripped the soil of nutrients and minerals that are critical for plants to be able to produce food that is truly nutritious and of value to those who consume it. Much of the conventional food grown today is lacking in mineral density.

Lacking soil also produces food that is tasteless and is harder to grow.

The Quinlans have seen the negative effects on agricultural based businesses because of this. Not only that, what happens to the people consuming the fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes who are no longer receiving the essential vitamins and minerals required to live a happy healthy life?

For the Quinlans, the correlation between soil health and human health could not be ignored.



We have always been rooted in science. No fluff. Just the facts. With mounting evidence and our business focused around organic and sustainable farming solutions, in 2004 Anthony and I transitioned our own family to a completely organic lifestyle.

We have always had a strong attraction to all things nature and loved growing pretty much anything, but it wasn’t until 2005 when I (Tini) fell pregnant with our first child Lochie, that the health penny well and truly dropped. I was congratulated on the happy news by our GP and at the same time was handed a long list of vitamins that I was urged to start taking to maintain a healthy pregnancy and baby.

This was a pivotal moment and it me thinking how sad it was that we can’t rely on food as a key nutrient source to grow human life.

Luckily, being married to Anthony an organic agronomist, there was something we could do about this.We knew that to have a larger impact we needed to extend our reach by offering more than just one-on-one agronomy consultancy services to farmers - we needed to offer products that any grower - be it a humble home gardener, or a large-scale commercial enterprise - could pick up and use instantly for fast results.

From then on it has been our purpose and mission to help people produce high quality, easy to use organic fertilisers which provide soil and plants everything it requires to grow incredibly nutrient rich and mineral dense food.

Agri Organics & Home Organics

That’s when the Soil Dynamics Home Organics and Agri Organics product range was born.

Why agri Organics

Giving farmers more mainstream, accessible and affordable options to create healthier and high-yielding varieties that doesn’t come at a cost for people or the planet is a partnership to get excited about.

We know all too well the struggles Aussie growers face, especially in a rapidly changing climate environment. On top of that, many consumers are waking up to the realities of poor health caused by toxicity and nutritional deficiencies. The pressure for farmers to deliver premium, organic products is mounting.

With Agri Organics, farmers can find a solution to their toughest soil challenge quickly while staying within budget and achieving targets.

Why Home Organics

We designed Home Organics for gardeners of all levels. Whether you have an impressive vegetable patch, a couple of pot plants or you just want your lawn to actually grow (yes, every Aussie secretly wants to out-do their neighbour), Soil Dynamics has you covered.

Our aim for this range was to make creating a healthy home environment easy and fun!

Most importantly, we want to help Aussie’s create a strong link between what they grow and what they eat.
Home Organics is more than just a fertiliser, it’s your garden wellness partner!

Instead of popping vitamins to make up for the lack of nutrients in your diet, or having your children roll around on chemical laden lawns, there is another choice. Home Organics is a safer and healthier fertiliser alternative that is just as good for the environment as it is for you!

Keeping soil simple with Soil Dynamics

It’s important to mention that like any business, the Soil Dynamics brand has changed over time. Initially beginning as an organic agronomy consultancy firm, to the expansion of the Home and Agri Organic range - our company has certainly evolved and reinvented itself based on the needs of Australian growers.

In fact, in the past our Soil Dynamics consultancy firm was a stand-alone company, and we marketed our fertilisers separately under the name of Soil Dynamics.

We recently chose to bring it all together for one very simple reason. We stand for wellness from the ground up. Whether you achieve that at home or on the farm, via our premium fertilisers or through a one-to-one agronomy service - it’s all the same to us.
While nothing has changed except the name, we wanted to give a nod to our former Soil Dynamics Fertiliser brand as not only was it a pivotal part of our journey, but we’re still firmly anchored in the ethos of the simplicity which it underpinned.
The name was chosen because healthy plants and crops can come from basic ingredients.

Made for all plants

Because each of our inputs are certified organic, they’re safe to use on all plants. That means you can use the same product on your crops, fruit trees, vegetables, roses, flowers, herbs, pot plants, lawns and even natives.

You don’t need to buy different fertilisers for different plant groups.

By enhancing your soil biology, it's the simplest way to grow healthy organic food, plants and crops.

This makes growing on the farm or garden extremely cost effective, undemanding and sustainable.

It also means that you can create a truly safe and chemical free environment for your soil, plants and family.

Supporting soil dynamics means creating a better future

Buying from this range not only means supporting a local Australian business but it also means dramatically improving the world we live in which is so critical in times like today.

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Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture is a global movement that is gaining significant momentum from a grass roots level. There are many drivers of this, one of which is the increasing consumer demand for transparency of how the food that we eat is produced.

To define Regen Ag is a complex thing to do as it can go by many names such as – holistic farming, natural intelligence farming, organic, conservation Ag or even agro-ecological! One thing it has seemed to have surpassed is the notion of being ‘sustainable’. By basic definition sustainable means to maintain and not to take away from the system, whereas the key foundation of the Regen Ag approach is to ‘Regenerate’ which means to revive and bring to a new and more vigorous life.

Central to this approach is the soil and the life that resides in it. Underpinning the whole system are the soil microbes. Everything revolves around these little guys and the core principles of this system is to ensure that they are looked after and enhanced every step of the way.

The unifying principles of the Regen system are:

  • To minimise tillage where possible and avoid bare soil events by maintaining cover.
  • To reduce or eliminate chemicals that harm soil biology
  • Integrate livestock and cropping operations.
  • To increase plant diversity.
  • To increase soil carbon.

In addition to these, another key premise of the approach is to create a self-nourishing eco-system. This is where the growing of a multi-species cover crop comes into play. The notion of diversity is an important part of stimulating the interaction of soil biological processes and soil chemistry processes that can increase nutrient availability and soil carbon cycling.

Ultimately this approach is designed to improve the productivity and resilience of soils by storing more water and reducing the reliance on synthetic inputs. This will then lead to lower input costs and more importantly greater profits.

One thing is for sure - regenerative farming is here to stay.

If you are going down this road it is important not to overlook the fundamentals of preparing the foundation so that this type of approach can be built on.

At Soil Dynamics we specialise in identifying your most limiting factors and can help map out the best road to take.

Here’s How You can Join the Movement

As you can see, it’s no small feat stepping into the mission of bettering soil, plant and
and human health so we can create a better future for everyone.

But, at Soil Dynamics we’re committed to it - be it one pot plant, or one garden, or one farm at a time.
Together we can create wellness from the ground up….and yes you guess it - we think that’s pretty bloody dynamic.