Regenerate BiostimulantRegenerate is a powerful organic treatment that reinvigorates all plants quickly. This dynamic biostimulant is packed with potassium, calcium, amino acids, marine extracts, humate and traces. The result is enhanced photosynthetic efficiency fuelled by essential nutrients - Now that’s regeneration!

    Application Rates

    Foliar: 1-10 lt/Ha. Adjust the rate to suit the growth stage

    Viticulture /Horticulture: 3-5lt /Ha 7-10 days apart

    Cereal Crops/ Pasture: 2-5lt/Ha 7-14 days apart

    Fertigation: 5 -10lt/Ha as required 

    Compatibility: Should be compatible with all materials. Jar test if unsure.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Contact may cause eye or skin irritation.

    Typical Analysis

    Nitrogen 2.01%
    Phosphorus 0.4%
    Potassium  5.02%
    Sodium  0.25%
    Sulphur 0.44%
    Zinc 5960 ppm
    Iron 485 ppm
    Manganese 8920 ppm
    Calcium 3.1%
    Cobalt  201 ppm
    Copper 1.82 ppm
    Magnesium 0.9%
    pH 5.96
    Molybdenum 85 ppm
    Broron 2100 ppm
    Organic Carbon  13.8%