Certified Organic by NASAA

Download MSDS Seaweed Extract 2020

Soil Dynamics Fertiliser Seaweed Extract is a 100% soluble powder made from fresh Ascophyllum Nodosum or Norwegian Kelp. It is the best known seaweed on the planet and the most researched by science.

The benefits of using seaweed in agriculture are well known. They are packed full of plant growth hormones, amino acids, and trace elements. They aid in the uptake of nutrients into plants and act as powerful microbial stimulants to improve soil health.

A little bit, often is the best way to use Soil Dynamics Fertilisers Seaweed Extract. The aim is to use fairly low doses early and frequently in the growing season. For best results it should be used both soil applied and as a foliar spray.

The focus is to stimulate early root development via irrigated or sprayed soil drenches and to maintain overall plant vigor through foliar sprays.

It can also be used as a microbial food source in addition to biological inoculants and compost extracts.

Application rates

Per Ha Foliar Spray Fertigation
Vegetable crops 50g 0-750g, 10-14 day intervals 1-1.5kg
Turf 500g-750g, 10-14 day intervals 1-1.5kg
Orchards 750g-1.5kg, 14-21 day intervals 1-1.5kg
Grapevine 750g-900g, 10-14 day intervals 1-1.5kg
Broadacre 150g-250g, 1-2 applications 1-1.5kg

Dilution rate

Always mix the required amount in a bucket to form a slurry before adding to the tank.  Continue to dilute the slurry with water to ensure adequate mixing.  A dilution between 1:500 and 1:1000 is sufficient.


Seaweed Extract is compatible with most agricultural products, however, a jar test is recommended if unsure.

Wetting agents

For improved adherence to crop leaf surface use the appropriate wetter/sticker or use Soil Dynamics Hydrofish

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 1.0%
Phosphorus .08%
Potassium 14%
Sulphur 1.02%
Calcium .08%
Magnesium .02-1.0%
Sodium 1.25%
Iron 1.10%
Manganese 5-30pm
Zinc 20-200ppm
Copper 1-30ppm
Boron 10-24ppm
Molybdenum 1-5ppm
Selenium <1 ppm
pH 9-10
Crude protein 6-8%
Organic matter 45-55%
Alginic acid 10%
Mannitol 4-7%
Cytokinin .06-.08%
Molybdenum 1-5ppm
Total amino acid 1.5-3.5%
Solubility 100%