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The Protein Shake- Drives Growth - 100% Pure Fish Hydrolysate


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If your plants had arms, they'd be flexing like Arnold Schwarzenegger after a heavy gym session. And let's face it, who wouldn't want to see their green friends getting swole?
With our special blend of vital proteins, oils, and minerals, your plants will be the talk of the town. Even the smaller sprouts will be jealous of your plants' newfound strength, growth, and vitality. They'll be lining up to ask, "Hey, bro, what's your secret?"

This 100% pure liquid fish concentrate is a hydrolysate, not an emulsion. A hydrolysate is produced from a natural enzyme digestion process, which breaks down the fish's bi-product, unlike fish emulsions that are cooked to remove valuable oils. Our fish still contains these oils & undamaged proteins which are rich in nitrogen- This drives plant growth


Soil Drench- per 9lt 1st Application 180ml 2ndApplication 120ml 3rdApplication 90ml Maintenance 45-60ml Foliar Spray per 1 lt Maintenance 10ml
Tuna fish bi-product , so we use the waste of the Tuna fish. It is a coldpress fish - no water added

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