Potassium Humate Granular is an agri grower’s secret tool. It helps activate all components of your soil. Derived from high-grade leonardite, this carbon-rich ancient material is full of humic and fulvic acids which lift the CEC and improve soil structure significantly making it more resilient to moisture loss, while unlocking nutrients and enhancing uptake. And it’s a bonus that you can blend with other granular fertilisers!


  • All soil types!
  • Improving fertiliser efficiency
  • Optimising soil structure



Horticulture 10 - 50 kg per ha
Viticulture 10-50 kg per Ha
Turf 10-100 kg per Ha
Cereal/pasture 5-50kg Per Ha

Typical Analysis 

Nitrogen 0.606%
Phosphorus  0.00888%
Potassium  6.53%
Sulphur 0.218%
Calcium 3.83%
Magnesium 0.23%
Sodium 3.77%
Iron 1.13%
Manganese 98.1 ppm
Zinc 23 ppm
Copper 13.7 ppm
Cobalt 4.49 ppm
Boron 26.9 ppm
Molybdenum  28.4 ppm
pH 10
Organic Carbon  42%