Good growth is the name of the game when it comes to being the best in the
agri biz. To achieve this, you’ll need the godfather of all fertilisers. Our Fulvic Acid formula has the ability to chelate metal ions and dissolve soil minerals. It does
this by forming metal-fulvic complexes, giving it the unique ability to help these
trace elements enter plant cells. It improves the function of all other fertilisers,
reducing the need for additional inputs and increasing nutrient uptake.


Foliar: 100-500g/Ha. Adjust rate to suit growth stage.
Fertigation: 1-2kg/Ha.
Herbicides/Pesticides: 125-500g/Ha

Compatibility: Should be compatible with all materials. Jar test if unsure.

Pre-mix with small amount of water before adding to the tank.

Keep the bag closed as the product will take moisture up from the atmosphere.

Keep out of reach of children.

Contact may cause eye or skin irritation.

Typical Analysis

Fulvic  28%
Nitrogen 3.49%
Phosphorus 0.126%
Potassium 10.8%
Sulphur 4.11%
Sodium  5.53%
Zinc     138 ppm
Iron 461 ppm
Manganese 73.8 ppm
Calcium 1.48%
Magnesium 1.39%
Copper 2.26 ppm
Cobalt .865 ppm
pH 4.95
Solubility 100%
Organic Carbon  39%