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Designed in-house by Anthony Quinlan (B.Sc) Australia's leading organic agronomist


Best ever fertiliser range I've come across

I have been using these now for 1 year and my garden has never looked better and healthier, but best of all I don't need to buy any other product, which saves me so much time and another bonus is that they are super simple to use

Magic Dust!- Nutrient Rock Star

This is one of the products that’s a non negotiable for the garden. As a registered nutritionist it makes sense that we ensure the plants we grow have the best opportunity to produce the minerals we need.

I live on the coast and have found “NUTRIENT ROCK STAR” replenishes the soil and makes the plants so strong; especially my roses that have been infested with the dreaded ‘chilli thrip’.The roses have survived with help from strong soil nutrients .

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Anthony's pride and joy

Well, we did end up having to cut it down as it hit the ceiling however he made 21 beautiful cuttings with 19 survivors, needless to say, we have lots more in our house as have our friends.

Why Choose Us

Our range is aimed at all growers who like facts and research, and who are conscious about what they spray and spread on the soil, that grows their food.

Join us in leaving behind a dynamic and enriched envrionment for futrue generations.

Here at Soil Dynamics sits a deep seeded passion for education around soil health and human health, which is one of the reasons we have named our Home Garden Products after food groups and the diverse role each plays.

Because lets face it if you ate the same thing every day, not only would you be bored but you would not stimulate the billions of mirobes required to stay fit and healthy.

Every living organism requires a diverse range of food groups in order to thrive .

As the old saying goes "You are what you eat" and so is your soil.

Everything we do is with integrity, and honesty. We are here to help you garden organically

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Our home garden guarantee to you

Our Nurture for Purpose Guarantee is designed for The Eco Enthusiast

  • You will have your garden thriving within 60 days.
  • Guaranteed for all our Home Garden products


  • Upgrade the guarantee with our " Foundation Bundle " made of our 5 core products" starting at only $176.80 plus freight (WA $20 , Eastern States $40) -your complete soil health system and if you do not get results book a call for a
  • Free 30-minute agronomy session normally retailing at $495 with one of WA’s most respected Organic Agronomist -Anthony Quinlan
  • If you are still not happy, we will give you a full refund, simply provide your receipt ..

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We’re about bettering soil, plant and human health

Here at Soil Dynamics we offer agronomy services and certified organic fertilisers to the home eco gardeners and to large scale commercial agricultural enterprises - we provide the gold standard in NASAA certified organic, soil solutions so your home garden, farm or crops are bursting with vital nutrients that regenerate and sustain soil, plant and human health for generations to come.

Developed by organic agronomist Anthony Quinlan (B.Sc), all of Soil Dynamics inputs are science - backed to stimulate soil biology for the most high-yielding outcomes.

We believe that no matter what you’re growing, it should be easy, fun and most of all good for you.

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Why growers love Soil Dynamics!


The link between soil and wellness

Advances in the production of mass agriculture have had an impact on topsoil depletion and groundwater contamination. Over many years this has resulted in soil that is devoid of the crucial nutritional elements that are vital to sustain life as we know it. Lacking soil also produces food that is tasteless and is harder to grow.

Made for all plants

Because each of our inputs are certified organic, they’re safe to use on all plants.That means you can use the same product on your crops, fruit trees, vegetables,roses, flowers, herbs, pot plants, lawns and even natives. You don’t need to buy different fertilisers for different plant groups. This makes growing on the farm or garden extremely cost effective, undemanding and sustainable.

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