Gardeners, meet your soil saviour - Soil Dynamics’s Home Organics range.

Move over vitamins, there’s a new health hero on the block – meet Home Organics!

Transform your health and learn how to grow nutrient-rich, yummy Aussie food and plants without any of the nasties.
Home Organics is easily one of Australia’s most progressive, science backed, premium, and NASSA approved, organic fertiliser brands.

And it’s not just home-grown grub that reaps all of the benefits - as well as fruit, veg, herbs and other edibles, our fertilisers can be used on your lawns, flowers, indoor plants and natives.
Because we believe good human health starts with our environment and what we put into it.

Just biodiverse, premium-grade, certified organic soil enhancers that are supercharged with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to boost your wellbeing (and your plants) from the ground-up!

When it comes down to it, Home Organics is more than just a fertiliser, it’s your garden wellness partner! Instead of popping vitamins to make up for the lack of nutrients in your diet, or having your children roll around on chemical laden lawns - health-conscious gardeners are turning to Home Organics for a safer and healthier fertiliser alternative that is just as good for the environment as it is for you!

Our NASAA approved organic fertilisers are crafted in Western Australia and designed by agronomists with a very basic goal in mind – restore the planet with easy-to-use in-puts, so future generations can thrive.

The healthier your soil, the healthier your plants, and the healthier YOU. Yes, that's right, our products are the ultimate secret to eternal youth and vitality. You'll be running marathons, doing cartwheels, and climbing mountains like a boss. So, don't wait, unleash the power of our organic line and be the superhero you were meant to be.

From urban potted patios and porches, to the larger vege patch, native garden features and everything in between – Australians can now nourish their bodies and homes with only the key ingredients that are scientifically proven to advance soil, plant and ultimately human health…

Nothing more, and nothing less – in times like today, that’s truly dynamic.


More reasons why gardeners love Home Organics!

We are 100% organic and certified by NASAA

Our products are 100% nutrient-rich

We are 100% toxic, chemical and synthetic-free

We are 100% sustainable from product to packaging

We are 100% committed to creating a healthier planet with you

Of course, we’re 100% Aussie

We make gardening easy and fun!

You can use our products across your entire garden saving you time, money and space in your shed

All Soil Dynamics’ Home Organics products are developed by Australia’s leading organic agronomist Anthony Quinlan

Why growers love Soil Dynamics!