Give your garden a nourishing drink with Soil Dynamics' range of premium organic liquid fertilisers. Liquid delivery offers your plants immediate and complete nutrient absorption without the need to break down solids first. This kickstarts vigorous growth with more flowers, fruit and vibrant greenery.

Whether you're growing edibles, ornamentals, lawns, or natives, feeding your soil is key to growing truly healthy plants. Packed with essential nutrients, our organic liquid fertilisers also kickstart the soil food web, feeding beneficial microbes that get to work right away on improving soil structure, increasing moisture retention, boosting nutrient availability, and promoting healthy root growth.

Formulated by organic agronomist Anthony Quinlan (B.Sc), we've specially designed these liquid organic fertilisers to suit Australian gardens:

 Your plants will reward you with abundant harvests and vibrant greenery.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Liquid Organic Fertilisers

Why should I use liquid organic fertiliser instead of granular fertiliser?

Granular fertilisers are great for sustained release of nutrients over time, but something you want a quick nutrition boost instead. Liquid organic fertilisers offer rapid nutrient uptake compared to granules that must slowly dissolve. This means that the nutrients are immediately bioavailable for plants to absorb. Gentle liquid feeds can be used more frequently and precisely to meet changing plant needs.

Why choose organic liquid fertilisers over synthetic ones?

Liquid organic fertilisers provide safe, eco-friendly nutrition sourced from plants, seaweed, fish and minerals. While chemical variants often contain toxic ingredients like ammonium nitrate that pollute groundwater and destroy beneficial soil microbes, organic fertilisers. They improve soil health over time by feeding these microbes. A mineral and nutrient-rich soil grows healthier plants that are naturally resistant to pests and desease- in the long term by going organic and continuously stimulating and adding to your soil you will produce delicious and nutrient-dense plants that will  thrive all year round. 

How often and when should I apply liquid organic fertiliser?

Most of our organic liquids can be applied every 2-4 weeks during the active growing season. Check the product instructions for specific usage guidelines. It's best to fertilise before key plant growth stages like seed germination, transplanting, bud development and fruit set. Avoid applying during temperature extremes or drought stress. Early morning or evening applications allow for the most foliar absorption while minimising evaporation. Remember do not leave any runoff on the leaf litter as this can cause your plants to burn during days of extreme sunlight as the sun acts as a magnifying glass. 

What is the Nurture for Purpose Guarantee?

The Nurture for Purpose Guarantee is applied to all Home Garden products and designed for The Eco Enthusiast. You will have your garden thriving within 60 days or your money back

Upgrade the gurantee with our "Foundation Bundle" made of our 5 core products" starting at only $150.00  plus freight (WA $20 , Eastern States $40) -your complete soil health system and if you do not get results you get a Free 30-minute agronomy session normally retailing at $495 with one of WA’s most respected Organic Agronomist - Anthony Quinlan. If you are still not happy, we will give you a full refund, simply provide your receipt.

There are so many liquid fertilisers in your range, where do I start?

We have put together a handy guide with step-by-step instructions to enhance the health of your soil and plants as well as our quarterly planner and just when you thought there wasn't any more, we have got you covered with our complete grow guide for your region for ease of use. Now that's Dynamic!  If you have any other questions or are still unsure, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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