Gets the Soil ready- the ultimate mineral food for the soil

Organic Mineral Rock Dust Fertiliser

Most of the food grown today is lacking in many minerals that are critical for human health. The use of the NPK farming system has strip-mined all of the trace minerals out of the food supply.

Unlike most parts of the world, Australia hasn’t had the benefit of having glaciers grind rock into fresh soil. Australian soils for the most part are very poor and lacking true minerals that are needed to provide a variety of nutrients to sustain plant growth.

Rock dust is made from finely crushed volcanic rock such as basalt dust which releases a wide range of minerals and trace elements to boost the organic fertility of soil and compost to help grow higher yields, healthier fruits vegetables, flowers, trees, natives, lawns and indoor plants.

What you must know is that while minerals in plain basalt dust will eventually become available to plants, the timeframe depends on several factors:

Mineral type:

    • Primary minerals: These break down slowly, taking years to decades to be accessible to plants.
    • Secondary minerals: These are already somewhat decomposed and can be used within months to years.

Factors affecting breakdown:

    • Particle size: Finer dust with greater surface area becomes available faster, which is why our Nutrient Rock Star is a fine dust at 2mm and under
    • Soil pH: Acidic soils (lower pH) accelerate mineral breakdown.
    • Soil temperature and moisture: Warmer, moist conditions promote microbial activity, which aids in mineral breakdown.
  • Microbial activity: Microbes help break down minerals, so healthy soil with diverse microbes will see faster release.


What sets our Rock Dust apart from the rest?

Ditch the ordinary rock dust. Our unique formula, crafted by in-house organic agronomist Anthony Quinlan (B.Sc.), goes far beyond volcanic rock. Anthony hand-selected 16 additional ingredients to give your garden a complete certified organic spectrum of minerals and nutrients, delivering both nutritional and physical benefits to promote nutrient density in the food we eat.

However, we didn't stop there. This innovative blend is microbially active. By providing the perfect food source, we stimulate beneficial microbes during the manufacturing process, creating a dynamic ecosystem within your soil.  This process makes the rock dust and its minerals available immediately to your plants.  Now that's Dynamic!

This unique mineral fertiliser made from volcanic rock dust, like all our other products, is non-leaching, completely safe for rivers and waterways and will hold onto nutrients and water. Therefore safe and beneficial to all plants saving you precious time and money

It is designed to be included primarily when planting edible crops and will add to the flavour and mineral density of homegrown produce and will create colour and lush plants in your flowers native, indoor plants and lawns by imparting the nutrients, minerals and trace elements from the basalt rock dust and its other ingredients.

It is non-alkalising and is designed to be used as a continuous ‘little bit often’ input to improve the nutritive quality of the soil and constantly aid in the building of soil structure.

Why the Name Nutrient Rock Star?

You know that old saying, "You are what you eat"? Well, the same goes for your plants! That's why Nutrient Rock Star is like a health nut's dream come true. This certified organic superstar delivers all the vital nutrients your soil needs to nourish your plants, which in turn nourish you. Whether you're enjoying a picnic on your lush, nutrient-rich lawn or chowing down on some garden-fresh veggies, you can thank Nutrient Rock Star for providing the ultimate source of plant nutrition. So, go ahead and treat your soil (and yourself) to the ultimate nutrient-packed experience with Nutrient Rock Star!


Basalt dust provides fresh rock flour with over 60 minerals. Zeolite, Spongolite and Bentonite give amazing water and nutrient hold ability and increase the cation exchange capacity (CEC), they also provide tiny hotels for beneficial microbes to live in. Rock Phosphate is the organic form of phosphorus and is completely safe for rivers and groundwater. Humalite is almost pure humic acid and provides the carbon needed to stimulate microbes. Small amounts of Dolomite, Lime and Gypsum give Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur. Potassium Sulphate supplies the potassium needed to sustain plant growth and reproduction. Manganese, Zinc, Copper and Boron are trace elements needed in tiny amounts but are very important for enzyme production in plants. Amino Acids, Seaweed Extract and Molasses feed and stimulate microbes.

Nutritional Information:

The above ingredients provide the following 60 minerals and nutrients such as Selenium and we all know how important that is for our health... click here to view the full list you won't be disappointed  

Summary of The Difference with our Rock Dust 

  • it's not just plain Basalt it has 16 other ingredients in it which makes it unique 
  • It goes through a microbial digestion process during manufacturing making it biologically effective the minute it is applied 
  • it has a cumulative effect and is available immediately as well as acting as a slow-release fertiliser at the same time 
  • contains 60 minerals from the periodic table 
  • Certified Organic by NASAA


 Our Organic Rock Dust is Perfect For:

Re-mineralising soil, promoting human health by providing mineral and nutrient-dense food. Use on all edibles, flower beds, lawns & natives, indoor plants

 What is it, What does it do, How does it work?

  • It  feeds and stimulates microbial growth necessary for growing healthy plants
  • It imparts minerals and nutrients and naturally occurring trace elements
  • It has a cumulative effect and will continue to improve the soil each time it is applied,  adding to your mineral and nutrient bank
  • It’s the specially formulated extra 16 ingredients that makes our Nutrient Rock Start stand out from the rest

What Are The Benefits Of Our Organic Rock Dust, Nutrient Rock Star ?

  • Improves your soil every time it is used
  • Covers every trace element possible in just the right amount
  • Increases water holding capacity
  • Improves the taste of edible crops
  • Improves the vigour of crops
  • Enhances colours in flowerbeds
  • River & groundwater safe
  • Simple to use

How To Use Nutrient Rock Star

Use Nutrient Rock Star as an upfront addition to any new plantings, at bud burst, first flower and at ripening for any edibles this will ensure you have nutrient and mineral-dense edibles 

As  a rule of thumb apply seasonally and or apply to any struggling stressed plants 

Use in concert with Organic Happy Gut Tonic on a fortnightly basis. Every other week apply Soil Dynamics The Protein Shake. For ultimate results add Jurassic Juice and Regenerate Elixir on a monthly basis to provide added soil and plant health benefits by offering a diverse range of different food sources. An important point to note here is that the area that one person’s watering can cover will differ from another person. Our application rates are based on one watering that can cover about 8-10 m2. The soil condition and stage of plant growth will also govern how much to use, but the key to using these organic concentrates is to ensure that:

  1. Apply as a top dress on existing plants and water in well
  2. New plantings incorporated into the planting hole and water in well, ideally with Happy Gut Tonic (organic seaweed fertiliser) 

Note: approx 250gm per sqm ( or a handful )

Veggie Patch 1-2 Heaped handfuls per square metre, incorporate in to the first 50-100mm
Existing Veggie patch 1-2 heaped handfuls per square metre, around dripline, at budburst and/or first flower garden
n beds 1-2 heaped handfuls per square metre incorporate in to the first existing
g Garden beds 1-2 heaped handfuls per square metre, around dripline, at bud burst and /or first flower
Raised Beds 1-2 heaped handfuls per square metre , we suggest you also add some benotnite clay
Container pots 1/2 to 1 cup into every litre of potting mix, we suggest you also add some benotonite clay
Fruit trees 1-2kg into plant hole, mix in with soil and a good quality compost Citurs apply double the app rates existing
g Trees 1-2 handfuls per square metre around dripline, in Autumn, Spring, at budburst and first flower native
e Trees 1/4-1/2kg into plant hole, mix in with soil and a good quality compost
Native Shrubs 1-2 heaped handfuls into plant hole, mix in with soil and a good quality compost
Green manure Apply Liberally

For optimum soil and plant health use in concert with All our liquid biostiumulants 

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 Nutrient Rock Star

Typical Analysis- Nutrient Rock Star

Nitrogen 0.20%
Chromium 98 ppm
Antimony 0.1 ppm
Phosphorus 0.50 %
Caesium 1.2 ppm
Scandium 14.0 ppm
Potassium 2.00 %
Dysprosium 4.2 ppm
Samarium 3.3ppm
Calcium 10.50%
Erbium 2.4 ppm
Silver 0.5ppm
Magnesium 2.76%
Europium 1.2 ppm
Sodium 200ppm
Sulphur 0.80%
Gallium 12.4 ppm
Stronium 467.0ppm
Zinc 410 ppm
Holmium 0.84%
Thorium 3.5 ppm
Manganese 1170 ppm
Indium 0.05 ppm
Titanium 0.59%
Copper 92 ppm
Lanthanum 12.0 ppm
Thallium 0.1 ppm
Boron 40 ppm
Lead 0.06 ppm
Thulium 0.40ppm
Molybdenum 1 ppm
Lithium 12.5 ppm
Tungsten 1 ppm
Selenium 5 ppm
Lutetium 0.34 ppm
Vanadium 135 ppm
Cobalt 26ppm
Niobium 4.5ppm
Yttrium 29ppm
Barium 254 ppm
Neodymium 12.9 ppm
Ytterbium 2 ppm
Beryllium 0.5 ppm
Nickel 22.0 ppm
Zirconium 113 ppm
Cadmium <0.05 ppm
Praseodymium 2.95 ppm
pH 7
Cerium 21 ppm
Rubidium 17.2 ppm


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