Drives plant growth- adds natural nitrogen

Organic Fish Fertiliser

Introducing The Protein Shake - A Pure, Organic Fish Fertiliser- safe and beneficial to all plants, saving you time and money. 

Why the Name?  Well, it's because it is like a protein shake for you, pumping you full of protein to make your muscles grow. 

So get your plants pumped up with The Protein Shake and watch them grow like never before.

The Protein Shake is an exceptional organic fish fertiliser made from 100% fresh Australian fish bi-product derived from sustainably caught tuna. We use an enzyme digestion process that produces a pure hydrolysate, no water is added.  Unlike heat-treated emulsions, The Protein Shake naturally preserves all the vital oils and proteins required to drive growth.  Our product is a rich source of organic matter that breaks down and releases nutrients into the soil, enhancing the strength and vigour of your plants. The Protein Shake is a certified organic product, ensuring that it is free from synthetic additives and environmentally friendly.

With our special blend of vital proteins, oils, and minerals, your plants will be the talk of the town. So, let's get growing!


The Difference with our Organic Fish Fertiliser

  • Naturally broken down
  • It is 100% pure fish – fish hydrolysate

The Protein Shake is the purest fish product available. It is full of organic nutrients that not only feed plants directly but stimulate the millions of micro-organisms that provide all the benefits of a healthy soil system.

Our Organic Fish Fertiliser is Perfect For:

Promoting plant vigour in vegetables, fruit trees, flower beds, lawns, and natives.

What is it, What does it do, How does it work?

  • Derived from Tuna Fish bi-product from a sustainable catch
  • It drives plant growth
  • It is packed full of natural proteins and oils which is the direct food source of bacteria and fungi necessary for plant growth

The way the proteins and oils actually work has only recently been worked out. They are natural chelating agents that make nutrients immediately available to plants and also stimulate soil microbes. It has also been found that fish hydrolysate is better and more effective than fish emulsions due to its natural enzyme digestion process, allowing the natural oils and proteins to stay present.

What Are The Key Benefits & Features Of Our Organic Fish Fertiliser, Protein Shake?

  • It increases crop yield.
  • Increases plant vigour.
  • Improves nutrient uptake.
  • River & groundwater safe.

As The Protein Shake organic fish fertiliser breaks down naturally in your garden, it releases a wealth of organic nutrients. These nutrients directly feed plants while also stimulating beneficial microorganisms that create healthy soil.

Packed with natural proteins and oils, The Protein Shake provides the ideal food source for soil bacteria and fungi necessary for robust plant growth. It enriches your soil with a balanced feast of nutrients to support plant health.

You can trust The Protein Shake is safe for your garden. It is river and groundwater-safe, using agriculture-grade ingredients.

Give your plants and soil a boost with The Protein Shake - a pure, organic fish fertiliser that delivers the nutrients and nourishment your plants need to thrive. Our fish hydrolysate formula promotes vigorous gardens and healthy plants.

How To Use The Protein Shake

Use The Protein Shake on a fortnightly basis. Every other week apply Soil Dynamics  Happy Gut Tonic. For ultimate results add Jurassic Juice & Regenerate Elixir once per month to provide added soil and plant health benefits. An important point to note here is that the area that one person's watering can cover will differ from another person’s. Our application rates are based on one watering can covering about 8- 10 m2. The soil condition and stage of plant growth will also govern how much to use, but the key to using these organic concentrates is to ensure that:

  1. The plant leaves are covered to a point of runoff
  2. The soil area around the base of the plant has been showered
  3. Always hose residue off well in order to prevent burning from the sun

Note: 1 level cap = 20ml. 1 standard watering can = 9 litres.

Soil Drench:

This is the most common way to use organic fish fertilisers. Simply dilute into a watering can and apply to the plant leaves and soil surface.

Foliar Spray:

Some people like to use handheld or backpack sprayers to apply their products. It is a very efficient way of feeding plants. A fine mist needs to be created so that leaf surfaces are covered. Simply dilute your concentrated organic fish fertiliser into a sprayer with water and cover leaf surfaces until runoff.

Application rates

One rate for all Soil Drench Foliar Spray
1st application 180ml/9lt 10ml/1lt
2nd application 120ml/9lt 10ml/1lt
3rd application 90ml/9lt 10ml/1lt
Maintenance 45-60ml/9lt 10ml/1lt
Natives 45-60ml/9lt 5/–10ml/1lt

Note: when the need for stimulating growth is great(at bud burst, first flower, and growth stages) apply the 1st or 2nd rates of 120-180ml per 9lt.

IMPORTANT: Shake well before use and don’t store in premixed form. Do not apply to plant leaves during the heat of the day when temperatures are above 28 degrees. Morning and evening are the best times to apply.

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More On Organic Fish Fertiliser

What is Organic Fish Fertiliser?

Organic fish fertiliser, also known as fish hydrolysate, is a nutrient-rich, fast-acting organic fertiliser derived from fish. It is produced by processing fish or fish bi-products, retaining all the beneficial oils, amino acids, vitamins, and natural enzymes. Organic fish fertiliser is highly beneficial for soils, promoting plant growth and overall garden health.

Organic Fish Fertiliser Benefits

Organic fish fertiliser is an organic and natural product that contains key nutrients your soils need to provide the right environment plants need to thrive. It has nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and tiny amounts of other elements that help enrich soil and foster plant growth.

Unlike synthetic fertilisers, organic fish fertiliser is safe for the environment and does not cause nutrient burn to plants. It improves the soil, helps good microbes grow in the soil, and makes your plants stronger against bugs and diseases.

The proteins and oils in organic fish fertiliser act like natural "delivery trucks" that take nutrients right to the plants. They also "wake up" helpful microbes in the soil. Recently, researchers have found that fish hydrolysate, which is an organic fish fertiliser broken down by natural enzymes, works even better than fish emulsion fertilisers. The process keeps the good oils and proteins intact so plants can use them.

Overall, organic fish fertiliser gives plants yummy natural nutrients and improves the soil at the same time. The nutrients are in a form that plants can easily absorb and use. Organic fish fertiliser helps plants grow strong without harming the environment. For gardeners who want to grow plants organically, it's a great all-around fertiliser choice.

When To Use Organic Fish Fertiliser

Apply organic fish fertiliser to veggies, lawns, gardens, flower beds, and around trees and shrubs, including Australian natives. Regular organic fish fertiliser application provides nutrients, fosters soil health, and promotes plant vigour for lush, healthy landscapes.

Organic fish fertiliser products are generally very gentle and safe for most plants. However, when first using it, always start with a half-strength dose and check for any sensitivity before applying full- strength.

If you're using a liquid organic fish fertiliser, follow the manufacturer's instructions for dilution. Typically, you'll mix a certain amount of the concentrate with water, usually 1 part fertiliser to 20-50 parts water. This ensures that you're not applying the fertiliser at full strength, which could harm your plants.

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Typical Analysis- The Protein Shake

Nitrogen 3.1%
Phosphorus 1.6%
Potassium .25%
Sulphur 0.24%
Calcium 0.23%
Magnesium 0.04%
Sodium 0.27%
Iron 8.5% ppm
Manganese 0.65 ppm
Zinc 43 ppm
Copper 4.3 ppm
Boron 30 ppm
Molybdenum 0.1ppm
Selenium 4.9 ppm
pH 3.1
Crude protein 19%
Oil matter 5-15%
Total Amino Acid  3%