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Organic Seaweed Fertiliser

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Introducing Happy Gut Tonic - Organic Seaweed Fertiliser-Ascophyllum Nodosum is the most researched kelp on the planet - beneficial and safe to use on all plants, saving you time and money.

Why the Name? Happy Gut Tonic is like a green smoothie for you, stimulating and enhancing your gut microbiome to build immunity and strength from within.  The soil and human gut contain approximately the same number of microorganisms, while human gut microbiome diversity is only 10% that of soil biodiversity and has decreased dramatically within today's modern lifestyle.

Get ready to unleash the power of the ocean on your garden with Happy Gut Tonic! This certified organic goodness is like a beach vacation for your plants, packed with kelp and trace elements that will have them feeling strong and refreshed. And the best part? A healthy garden means a healthy you! 

The Difference with our Seaweed Fertiliser

  • We use the most scientifically researched kelp on the planet- Ascophyllum Nodosum
  • It is agriculture grade and goes twice as far  1lt treats up to 400sqm 
  • Certified Organic by NASAA

Our Organic Seaweed Fertiliser contains alginic acid, which is a unique material that has an immediate effect on soil particles by forming bonds. It gives the soil a crumb-like structure that holds and retains moisture and houses microbes.

 Our Organic Seaweed Fertiliser is Perfect For:

Stimulating root development and resilience against pests and diseases in all plants

 What is it, What does it do, How does it work?

  • It’s a liquid concentrate of kelp
  • It stimulates early root development and reduces plant stress
  • It acts as a powerful microbial stimulant encouraging an active soil environment, promoting plant immunity

What Are The Benefits Of Our Organic Seaweed Fertiliser, Happy Gut Tonic?

  • Results in healthier tougher plants
  • Reduces plant stress
  • Stimulates microbes, improving soil health
  • River & ground safe
  • Improves nutrient uptake 

How To Use Happy Gut Tonic

Any new plants should be watered in with a seaweed fertiliser solution as it is a root stimulant and will therefore result in a tougher healthier plant.

Use Organic Happy Gut Tonic on a fortnightly basis. Every other week apply Soil Dynamics The Protein Shake. For ultimate results add Jurassic Juice and Regenerate Elixir on a monthly basis to provide added soil and plant health benefits by offering a diverse range of different food sources. An important point to note here is that the area that one person’s watering can cover will differ from another person. Our application rates are based on one watering that can cover about 8-10 m2. The soil condition and stage of plant growth will also govern how much to use, but the key to using these organic concentrates is to ensure that:

  1. the plant leaves are covered to a point of runoff
  2. the soil area around the base of the plant has been showered
  3. water into the soil well if using the higher rate
  4. hose off any residue on leaves to prevent burning from the sun

Note: 1 level cap = 20ml. 1 standard watering can = 9 litres.

Soil Drench:

This is the most common way to use the product. Simply dilute into a watering can and apply to the plant leaves and soil surface.

Foliar Spray:

Some people like to use handheld or backpack sprayers to apply their products. It is a very efficient way of feeding plants. A fine mist needs to be created so that leaf surfaces are covered. Simply dilute into a sprayer with water and cover leaf surfaces until runoff.

Per 9 lt Soil Drench Foliar Spray
Garden beds 20-40ml 25ml
Large trees 50-100ml 25ml
Stressed Tress 100-200ml 25ml
Container Pots 20-40ml 25ml
Lawns 50-100ml 25ml
Natives 20-30ml 25ml
General 20-40ml 25ml


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Seaweed Tonic


More on What is Organic Seaweed Fertiliser?

Organic seaweed fertilisers are a liquid concentrate of certain forms of kelp that bring a steady stream of essential trace elements and compounds straight from the ocean into your soil! They are made by sustainably harvesting kelps which are then processed to extract a concentrated mix of trace elements and growth promoting compounds such as phytohormones and polysaccharides.

While conventional fertilisers may use kelp they are usually enhanced with synthetic nitrogen which is a synthetic form of nitrogen found on the back of your labels in the form of UREA and or Ammonium Sulphate. If you see these words on a label you can guarantee that it is not an organic seaweed fertiliser.

Organic Seaweed Fertiliser Benefits

By harnessing the natural benefits of seaweed sustainably, organic seaweed fertilisers enhance soil health to boost plant growth from root to leaf building pest and disease resilience. It's liquid gold for your garden - straight from the sea!

Vital Nutrients for Resilient Soils

Organic seaweed fertiliser contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium - the dynamic trio plants need to grow and thrive.

But that’s not all! Organic seaweed fertiliser offers more than just standard nutrients. It also contains a unique combination of vitamins, amino acids, and natural growth promoters, including one-of-a- kind compounds like alginates and betaines found only in marine environments. These special bioactives enrich your soil, helping your plants better absorb nutrients and become much more resilient!

Growth Promoting Properties

Organic seaweed fertiliser contains a cocktail of natural growth-promoting soil hormones like auxins and cytokinins that act like vitamin boosters for your plants. These special compounds stimulate early root development and reduce plant stress. By enriching the soil, organic seaweed fertiliser also encourages plants to bloom, fruit, and grow with vigorous energy.

Soil Enhancing Qualities

The organic matter content in seaweed fertiliser works like magic for improving soil structure and fertility. It acts like a conditioner, improving soil texture and oxygen flow for happy roots. It also helps soil retain moisture longer, so your plants stay hydrated. Organic seaweed fertiliser also acts as a powerful microbial stimulant, encouraging an active soil environment and promoting plant immunity.

Sustainable Solution

Organic seaweed fertiliser gets its power sustainably straight from the sea. It's made from renewable marine plants like kelp and algae that regenerate rapidly. The production process has a low energy footprint compared to synthetic fertilisers. Plus, it's gentle on plants and safe for your soil and waterways.

With its balanced nutrition, growth enhancers and soil improvers, organic seaweed fertiliser is a powerful yet gentle elixir from the ocean. Unlock the natural benefits of the sea to boost your garden's health and productivity!

When To Use Organic Seaweed Fertiliser

Organic seaweed fertiliser can be applied to the soil at various stages of plant growth, including during planting, early growth, and throughout the growing season. Any new plants should be watered in with a seaweed fertiliser solution as it is a root stimulant and will therefore result in a tougher healthier plant.

If you're using a liquid organic seaweed fertiliser, follow the manufacturer's instructions for dilution. Typically, you'll mix a certain amount of the concentrate with water. This ensures that you're not applying the fertiliser at full strength, which could harm your soil and plants.

Typical Analysis- Happy Gut Tonic

Nitrogen 0.2%
Phsophorus 0.16%
Potassium 2.8%
Sulphur 0.2%
Calcium 0.16%
Magnesium 0.04-0.2%
Sodium 0.25%
Manganese 1-6 ppm
Zinc 2-20 ppm
Copper 0.2-6 ppm
Boron 2-3 ppm
Molybdneum 0.2-1 ppm
Selenium <1 ppm
Iron 0.21%
Organic matter/td> 9-10%
Alginic acid 2%
Mannitol 1-2%
Cytokinin 0.012-0.016%
Total amino acid 0.45-0.7%
Crude protein 1.5-3%
pH 9-10

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