Great for Big Feeders - organic NPK say no more

 Certified Organic NPK is one of a kind 

MSDS Growing Goodness 2023

Organic NPK

Certified Organic by NASAA

  • Nitrogen 5%, Phosphorus 4%, Potassium 7%
  • High nitrogen protein meal, Organic phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements

  What is it? What does it do? How does it work?

It's a bit like an Organic NPK fertiliser that suits all plants It provides fresh protein to the soil which supercharges all the soil microbes. The microbes then have to poo all of this yummy food out and this is what makes the plants grow so good

What is it perfect for?

Driving growth in hungry fruit trees like avocados and citrus. It gets them moving providing lush growth and sets the stage for fruiting success. Also perfect for root veggies lawns and roses

What are the benefits?

Builds on general soil nutrition whilst providing a hit of organic nitrogen this  increases fruiting and crop levels of all foods crops and keeps the microbes happy

Why does it work?

To get the soil working- it needs to be fed nutritious food - Just like us! Growing Goodness is like a home-cooked meal and feeds the soil all the essentials

How To Use Growing Goodness

Apply when needed generally in springtime or whenever you need to drive a plant 

Application rates

For veggies and turf use 250grmas per sqm

For fruit or fruit trees use 250-500 grams per sqm

Monthly applications for established seedlings are suggested for the best results

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Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 4.7%
Phosphorus 3.8%
Potassium 7.3%
Sulphur 6.2%
Calcium 8.16%
Magnesium 2.5%
Sodium 0.25%
Iron 1200 ppm
Manganese 1600 ppm
Zinc 1790 ppm
Copper 1.7 ppm
Boron 500 ppm
Molybdenum .78 ppm
Organic Carbon  18.9
pH 6.7
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