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Soil Dynamics

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Certified Organic by NASAA

The Difference between our Fish to other growth promoters is that it is

  • Naturally broken down
  • It is 100% pure fish – fish hydrolysate

Hydrofish is the purest fish product available. It is full of organic nutrients that not only feed plants directly but stimulate the millions of microorganisms that provide all the benefits of a healthy soil system

 Tailored Solutions: We recognize that every oversized or heavy item is distinct, and shipping requirements can vary significantly. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand the specifics of your shipment, including its size, weight, destination, and any special handling requirements.

Please email us with your item of purchase, quantity, and delivery address (access to forklift for items over 20lt is required) hello@soildynamics.com.au

NB the 20 lt of the Seaweed Tonic, Hydrofish, Potassium Humate, and Regenerate can be purchased from the Home Organics collection under their different names: Happy Gut Tonic, The Protein Shake, Jurassic Juice, and Regenerate Elixir 





Vegetable Crops / Turf  3-5 lt per Ha

 Orchards3-7lt per Ha

Fertigation5-40lt per Ha

Grapevines3-5lt Per Ha

Broadacre2-5 lt per Ha

Pure Tuna fish bi- product

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