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Soil Dynamics

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Fulvic Acid 28% Fulvic 28% Carbon  stimulates plant response by helping them to access vital nutrients in the soil for easy absorption and improved uptake. As a master carbon chelator, Fulvic Acid and healthy plant growth go hand in hand. This is because it lifts leaf function, enhances plant vitality, supports seed germination and promotes root growth.

 Tailored Solutions: We recognize that every oversized or heavy item is distinct, and shipping requirements can vary significantly. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand the specifics of your shipment, including its size, weight, destination, and any special handling requirements.

Please email us with your item of purchase, quantity, and delivery address hello@soildynamics.com.au

Foliar: 100-500g/Ha. Adjust rate to suit growth stage.
Fertigation: 1-2kg/Ha.
Herbicides/Pesticides: 125-500g/Ha

Compatibility: Should be compatible with all materials. Jar test if unsure.

Pre-mix with small amount of water before adding to the tank.

Keep the bag closed as the product will take moisture up from the atmosphere.

Keep out of reach of children.

Contact may cause eye or skin irritation.

Fulvic Acid

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