Why you dont need to buy "Plant Specific" Fertilisers to have thriving Garden


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Simplify gardening with our certified range and debunk the gardening myths.

Just as our bodies thrive on a diverse range of food groups, plants too require a variety of nutrients to flourish- THIS nourishment comes from the soil, carbohydrates and proteins to essential fats, amino acids, and omega-3’s, providing a comprehensive diet for plants stimulates and nourishes a diverse microbiome, for optimal growth and vitality."
To see it with your own eyes ... debunk the myth ...... all you need to do is go into a garden section and pick one company with multiple PLANT SPECIFIC products .... oh and ask yourself why do they have an all purpose fertiliser and tehn there is one for roses natives and so forth - NOW THAT's called marketing .
Then pick say 3.... (remember same company)
🌹1 for ROSES
🍋1 for Citrus
🥦1 for Vegetables
Turn them around and read the back ingredients and typical analysis ..
What you most likely will find is that the ingredients are the same except for in the typical analysis of the NPK differs from one to the next ..
The below are all synthetic forms of NPK and are therefore harmful to your soils biodiversity
😡N as UREA, Ammonium Sulphate- Synthetic and harmful to the soil biodiversity
😡P as Super Phosphate, MAP , DAP - Synthetic and harmful to the soils biodiversity
😡K as Muriate of Potash and or Potassium Chloride -Synthetic and harmful to the soil biodiversity
But wait there’s more to help you understand and debunk the myth.
NPK in synthetic/chemical form is what drives Plant Growth. You may think Great that’s what I want but understand this ..synthetic forms of NPK damage your microbes and therefore your soil structure and your biodiversity not to mention these are harmful to the environment.
Synthetic forms of NPK are soluble they end up in our waterways .. that’s why you will often hear people advise do not fertiliser before big rain events .. Whereas our advice when using our certified organic range is best time to fertilise is prior to a rain event as none of our products ingredients is water soluble therefore cannot run off and end up where they shouldn't
You may ask why the Different levels of NPK ??
The reason behind the difference in chemical fertilisers NPK levels is that every plant has a certain NPK threshold which means that if you give a Citrus Fertiliser to a Native the Native will overdose so to speak ....the problem you see.... is that, with this approach you are essentially force feeding the plant .. whereas in organics you just feed the soil to ensure your plant has access to its needs when its required
Words that are Misleading on labels
😱Organic ( you say WHAT???)
😱Microbially Encased
😱Added Microbes
Don’t be fooled by the play on these words if on the back label it has any of the synthetic NPK's on it well then it cannot be any be good for the environment.
SO why can companies use the word organic on their products if they are not truly organic?? It is because if it has any form of organic matter in it you can call it organic. If you want to ensure your products are organic at a glance then check for the certification logos of NASAA , SXC , and ACO
Healthy, living soil is the foundation for vibrant, bountiful gardens. Our premium organic fertilisers nurture soil microbiology, allowing your plants, vegetables and lawns to reach their full potential naturally. We formulate our fertilisers using diverse natural organic ingredients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other micronutrients) that provide a balanced release of nutrients to feed soil over time without damaging the environment.
Our range of complete organic fertilisers work with soil biology, fostering thriving root systems and building a robust food web. By nurturing the soil holistically, plants can better access and use the nutrients they need for optimal, yield and nutritional quality
NB Side note:Be assured that our product range may be advertised a little using those words of all purpose etc but this is solely for SEO so people can find us on Google.. HOWEVER, our different types of fertilisers as mentioned above are different types of food sources required by all living beings..
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