build your soils foundation

why balanced mineral levels in the soil make for more nutritious food.

🏠Minerals as Building Blocks:
Plants utilize various minerals as essential building blocks for their tissues, enzymes, and other vital components. Just like humans need specific vitamins and minerals for different functions, plants require specific sets for different processes like photosynthesis, growth, and immunity.
A balanced mineral profile in the soil ensures plants have access to all the elements they need in the right proportions. They can then efficiently build strong structures, produce essential biomolecules, and defend themselves against pests and diseases.
🌻Enhanced Nutrient Uptake:
Balanced minerals create a harmonious environment in the soil, fostering beneficial microorganisms and promoting healthy root development. This allows plants to take up nutrients more effectively, including macronutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as essential micronutrients like iron, zinc, and calcium.
Better nutrient uptake translates directly to improved nutritional value in the fruits, vegetables, or grains produced.
🥑Flavour and Resilience:
Minerals contribute significantly to the taste, texture, and aroma of plants. Balanced levels can enhance the natural flavours and create a more desirable eating experience.
Additionally, proper mineral nutrition makes plants more resilient to stress, such as drought, pests, and diseases. This resilience translates to improved yields and reduces the need for chemical interventions, ensuring a healthy ecosystem and ultimately safer food.
If this is what you want for your soil then check out our 🌱Nutrient Rock Star🌱 already microbial active AND no we don't add microbes they are all naturally occurring as they should be.. WHAT WE DO is we add microbial stimulants (food for microbes) during production which then activates our little friends, and they start to digest the product deeming it microbially active. NOW THAT'S DYNAMIC....
Our certified organic foundation product the Nutrient Rock Star is made up of 17 finely crafted ingredients in all the right proportions to deliver the ultimate in food for the soil. Available immediately upon application due to it being microbially active but also has the long-term benefits of building on your mineral and nutrient bank in your soil every time it is applied... Continuously improving your soil and your plant's absorption of nutrients.
📑Ingredients list
🌱Basalt dust provides fresh rock flour with over 60 minerals. 🌱Zeolite, 🌱Spongolite and 🌱Bentonite give amazing water and nutrient hold ability and increase the cation exchange capacity (CEC), they also provide tiny hotels for beneficial microbes to live in.🌱Rock Phosphate is the organic form of phosphorus and is completely safe for rivers and groundwater. 🌱Humalite is almost pure humic acid and provides the carbon needed to stimulate microbes. Small amounts of 🌱Dolomite, 🌱Lime and 🌱Gypsum give Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur. 🌱Potassium Sulphate supplies the potassium needed to sustain plant growth and reproduction. 🌱Manganese,🌱 Zinc,🌱 Copper and 🌱Boron are trace elements needed in tiny amounts but are very important for enzyme production in plants. 🌱Amino Acids, 🌱Seaweed Extract and 🌱Molasses feed and stimulate microbes.

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