Understanding different kinds of granular fertilisers

Slow-release fertilisers, broad spectrum fertilisers, all-purpose fertilisers, and microbially encased fertilisers

and why it's hard to relate our Nutrient Rock Star to any of these in particular as the Nutrient Rock Star is all of the above but most importantly its unique difference is that is available immediately due to the clever way it was formulated.  

So let's explore the above:

Slow-release fertilisers are designed to release nutrients gradually over an extended period. They come in various forms, such as coated granules or prills. These coatings on slow-release fertilisers control the rate at which nutrients are released, providing a steady supply to plants over weeks or even months. One thing to note is that most slow-release fertilisers are synthetic based and you may ask how the Nutrient Rock Star (rock dust)  acts as a slow-release fertiliser. 

The Nutrient Rock Star (rock dust)  is comprised of 17 ingredients including a range of rock minerals resulting in more than 60 minerals and nutrients some of which are immediately available to the soil whilst others provide a slow-release fertiliser effect due to the interaction of these minerals have with the billions of microbes in your soil.

 All Purpose Fertilisers / Broad Spectrum fertilisers

All-purpose fertilisers typically release their nutrients more quickly opposed to a slow-release fertiliser. They are designed to provide a broad spectrum of nutrients to plants immediately after application. The nutrients are usually readily available for plants to uptake, promoting rapid growth and will need to be applied more frequently as opposed to slow-release fertilisers.

The Nutrient Rock Star (rock dust) is available immediately to the soil and plant as it has undergone a microbial digestion process during manufacturing activating the rock minerals. The product is very fine and dusty - this was completely intentional as it has a more intimate contact with the soil so that the biology in the soil can access the minerals and nutrients immediately upon application. This allows the plant to get what it needs - when it wants.

The Nutrient Rock Star (rock dust) therefore acts as both an all-purpose fertiliser and a slow-release fertiliser. It also has a cumulative effect meaning it adds to your mineral and nutrient bank every time it is applied turning your soil into a smorgasbord for your plants.

Unlike synthetic slow-release fertilisers that are based on supplying soluble NPK (which ends up in our rivers and groundwater causing algal blooms) the Nutrient Rock Star (rock dust) is designed to work with the natural biological processes that are occurring in the soil by feeding microbes.

In summary, slow-release fertilisers provide a controlled, gradual release of nutrients, while broad-spectrum, all-purpose fertilisers offer a more immediate nutrient supply.  So why not go with the simple solution of your garden - Nutrient Rock Star does both and most of all it is certified organic,  environmentally friendly, good for you and your loved ones and of course Aussie-made. Wellness from the ground up - Now that's Dynamic! 

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