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Soil Dynamics

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 High Grade Amino Acid soluble powder - 60% Amino Acid 16% Organic Nitrogen  is an organic fertiliser and stimulant that contains natural chelating agents which ensure nutrients and minerals are in readily available forms. It has soluble amino acids from High-Grade Protein and also acts as an incredible food source for microbes. coupled with nitrogen, this formula is highly effective in supporting plant health and overall growth. 

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Foliar: 1-3 kg/Ha. Adjust the rate to suit the growth stage

Apply in sufficient water (300L minimum) to obtain thorough coverage.

Fertigation: 5-10 kg/Ha

Compatibility: Should be compatible with all materials. Jar test if unsure.

Pre-mix with small amount of water before adding to the tank.

Keep the bag closed as the product will take moisture up from the atmosphere.

Keep out of reach of children.

Contact may cause eye or skin irritation.

Amino Acid

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